Shiny Talvikki sweater

Nothing says Christmas holidays like a shiny frock. This year I made myself a very shiny Talvikki sweater.


The pattern was on sale during the amazing Advent calendar prepared by Named, and I took advantage and bought it as a pdf for a few euros. I’m very happy with this pattern: I like the epurated style lines, and the sporty yet feminine look.


Talvikki has low shoulders, which give a very realxed fit, so I made no modifications and I’m happy with the size. The neckline construction is very funny, featuring very long darts which give it the peculiar shape.


I had bought this polyester fabric online (don’t remember from which store) some months ago and was not satisfied with its quality: it was supposed to be especially for sporting clothes, but there is almost no elasticity to it, and all the shiny threads tend to loose themselves. The result is that I made this sweater for Christmas holidays and then gave it to a Charity Shop, so if you are in the UK you might find it somewhere.


Even if I don’t own this garment anymore, I have enjoyed wearing it for the holiday season, and I’m already in the process of making another Talvikki for everyday life.


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