Bargello cushion cover

To me, sewing has always ment garments. Maybe a few small objects and a couple of bags, but definitely I get the most of my sewing statisfaction from garment construction.

On the other hand, sewing has also thought me that whatever I can sew myself is not worth buying, so when I had to renew my cushion cover, sewing it up was the only possibility I could see. This doesn’t mean I really enjoyed the idea.


To make it more interesting to me, I decided to try my hand at quilting, and decided to go for a bargello-ish design using the scraps of my favourite fabrics.


I admit I had fun with the bargello, but then I procrastinated several months before actually constructing the cushion cover. A few days ago I decided to get over with it, maybe a sort of new year resolution?


The internal cushion in made in green, and it is just sewed close at the short sides. This eliminates the possibility to wash it without having to unpick the topstitching and remove the stuffing.


What is washable is the exernal cover, the one featuring the bargello, which is just a tube of double layer of fabric, tied at the short sides over the internal cushion.


The ties are made from the same scraps of fabric.


The external cover features a double row of topstitching in two different contrasting colours, while the internal cover has a single row of topstitching. I like these subtle details.


The back of the external cover is plain green, my favourite colour. This means I can flip the cushion over when I don’t want to see all the colours of the bargello.


All in all, I’m happy with this project, which has given a personal touch to one of my favourite spots of my apartment.

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