Secret Valentine Exchange 2017

This year I took part in Secret Valentine Exchange. The principle is to exchange handmade presents with someone you don’t know.


I was randomly assigned a receiver called Regina: she likes geometric prints and she loves reading, apart from being a well experienced knitter.


I decided to make a mini tote bag for her, just to fit one or two of her beloved books and carry them to the park. Also, a personalized bookmark was in order!

I have used this lovely scrap of viscose, and copied the dimension of a similar mini tote I have. I like that the viscose makes the tote resistent and also quite thin, so she can carry it in the bag and just take it out when she needs it.


She wrote a lovely email to thank me, and she assures me she loves the fabric and the idea. I’m happy to have made such a personalized present for someone I don’t even know.


Speaking of awesome things, I have received this amazing mini quilt, crafted for me by @misterandmouse who truly interpreted the space theme! I was emotional when I opened the parcel and discovered someone had thought and made such a beautiful creation especially for me. that’s the beauty of handmade, I guess!

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