Pink Neenah dress

Hello there!
I hope everyone is having a grand time and ending this October in the best way possible.
I’m doing so by sharing one of my favourite dresses ever!

It’s the Neenah dress by Seamwork magazine. As you might know, I’m loosing quite a bit of weight recently, so I have to rebuild my whole wardrobe. This is basically the best thing that can happen to someone who sews: having to sew more and more!
I need a lot of basics, so I am diggind into Seamwork patterns since they are stylish and comfortable, and quick to finish!
Since I have made this dress I can not stop wearing it: it is comfortable and cosy, with a sleek style for the office.
I have been wearing it with heels and with ballerines, perfect anyway !
I have made a size L, with no modifications.
The dress has no closures and the main feature is the turtleneck. I had never sewn one before, but this was a breeze to make. The whole dress took me maybe three hours all together.
We could talk days about how I use flashy colours as basics, but I will just let the pictures speak for themselves and show how easy it is to accessorize this cute dress.
The fabic is a lightweight jersey I bought in Bordeaux, at Marché St Michel for a whole 5 euros or so… Amazing, right? It has some subtle stripes which I have of course matched, as you can see.
I will use this pattern again (and again?). Colette released a cowl neck variation, in the usual mid-month pattern hack you get when you subscribe to the magazine.
I think Neenah will also work great as a simple layering turtleneck tshirt, and who doesn’t need one?
See you soon with another dress!

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