Ivy pinafore

Hello there!

How is everyone adjusting to autumn?
On my side I am extremely happy as usual in this time of the year, because my birthday is approaching and in the morning I feel more energized and ready to jump into work.

Today I’m showing a dress I particularly like: the Ivy pinafore by Jennifer Lauren Handmade.

I was lucky enough to be a pattern tester for this dress, and this has been a great opportunity to explore such a peculiar silhouette.
As you might know if you are not new around here, I usually don’t wear tent dresses, because they make me feel shapeless. So imagine my face when I saw the technical drawing! Then I sewed the dress, and I was pleasantly surprised.
Yes, it’s a tent dress, but it is super feminine, and I don’t feel at all shapeless into it. Look:
Jennifer Lauren patterns are drafted for a D cup, so if you are a different cup please consider leveling the hem. Other than that, let me assure you that the pattern fits like a glove with no darts to adjust. I’ve made a size 14 with no alterations.
The pinafore is designed for heavy fabrics, and I picked something like a chambray, which is thin but heavy and very drape-y. It is supposed to be fully lined, but I have decided to make it unlined to get more wearability. Looking at the pictures, now I just regret I didn’t interface both sides of the collars because of the lightweight fabric.
As you can see the Ivy pinafore is perfect for autumn layering and transitioning weather, with or without tights, long or short sleeves, and the overall look can change so much accordingly to what you pair it with. I can’t wait to wear it with boots!
It has inseam pockets, which are a blessing and are totally hidden in the overall flowing of the dress.
One of the main features is the collar, which is very cute, other than easy to sew. It has the typical pinafore looks, with a very feminine touch, as usual with Jennifer Lauren patterns.
I’ve been wearing a lot the Ivy these days, because it makes me feel comfortable and put together, very feminine but playful.
I’ll talk soon about the other version I have made, for a totally different look.

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