Nani dress

Hello there.
I have finally managed to take some pictures of this dress that I adore. It’s a Nani dress from Schnittchen. I bought the printed version because Silke has the sweetest prices and the best customer service: this pattern got lost in the mail and she was kind enough to send it over again. Just like that.
The pictures you see now are taken in springtime, so bare legs and ballerinas, but I made the dress in December and I have been wearing it ever since, let’s say once every ten days or so. So it has seen winter tights, high boots, low cut boots, cardigans and coats.
Can I just say that I love border prints and polka dots? I had to buy this viscose when I saw it in Toto Tissus, also because it was a coupon of a couple of metres (I think) and I had it for a ridiculous price. After having the fabric I bought the pattern, because I am sucker for a tied collar (yeah, that too) and the original plan was to make it contrasting by using the border print. But when I had the fabric on my dining-studying-cutting-sewing table I changed my mind.
I don’t know what happened to me while sewing, but I think I might have notched too deep into the fabric, with the result that you can see the viscose tearing apart just under the collar. I of course ignored the problem, but the last washing cycle has definitely worsened the tears, and I think I will try and repair them with a few handstitches.
The pattern is well drafted, with a nice shaped bodice and a simple gathered rectangle skirt. Since I don’t like the look of gathered skirts on me, I changed to pleats both at the front and at the back, inspired by BHL Flora dress. Now that I think about it, I seriously should show you my two Floras, and make at least another one! But I am digressing.
Even after this modification, I had too much fabric to cover my booty (at least for my taste), so I shaved ca.10cm from the back, making a central back seam which is not supposed to be there. You can see both the back pleats and the cb seam in the previous picture. For your information, this is the only seam which is not French seamed.
Overall I like the look of the dress. I will probably sew it again, I am thinking a bright coloured solid wool for winter time, Joan Harris style. I hope I will have a job and an office where to wear it by then. But I am digressing again.
I did my best to match the only matchable feature of the fabric, which is the horizontal line at the bottom, but the fabric being fluid and my machine being a beatch, I always end up displacing one of the layers I am sewing. This happened also in this case. Anyway, from a distance it looks matched enough.
The dress was made for the Ph.D. defence of my Chéri, so it has a special meaning. Also, it is super comfortable for everyday but easy to dress up for any particular occasion. I received a lot of compliments, so it makes me even happier, as you can clearly see from the pictures.

I wish you all a good evening, I go back to my job hunt.
And, by the way, -8 days to Scotland! Any recommendation for nice places to buy fabric and yarn in Edinburgh?


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