Silk Margot shirt

Hello there.
I hope life is treating you well, Mine is kind of bitching me right now, but I survive.
I’m back today to show you a shirt sewn back in November (I think) but photographed a couple of days ago. It’s a Chemise Margot by Republique du Chiffon. I bought it when I first started sewing and I was not able at all to even give it a try. But Géraldine was selling her first pdf at reasonable prices in order to get things started for her brand, so I kind of charity-bought it at the time, being confident that one day I would have been able to even understand where to start.
I look like an old picture of a lady sighing about her lover longing at the sea. Also, I have a huge face
As you can see, I actually stated and finished it! One year after buying the pattern. The main feature is of course the petal shaped collar, which I like a lot because is different from a regular collar. I understand that now there might be three zillions French women who sewed it and wear it, but I have never met them, so I am still different from people around me.
I like a lot the result, because of the small things that make it. For example, the buttons: bought in my favourite haberdashery in Toulouse, they are of two different kinds, but assorted. Wrists and collar are bigger and more of a statement, the others more discrete but not mundane.
The overall fit is quite boxy, but I have noticed it is quite a signature feature of RdC, and to be honest is the second main reason why I in theory love her patterns but hardly sew them. The main reason being the price.
I have learned a few new things with this project, which is always good for my sewing-self-confidence. I am looking forward to sew another shirt, maybe more fitted to better compliment my body shape.
This is an involuntary pose à la Jolies Bobines, only difference I am ridiculous, and she is not. She is amazing, but that’s another story.
The fabric is a magnificent blue silk crepe de chine, I guess, since I still can not distinguish different kinds of silk. It’s not chiffon and it’s not charmeuse. I bought it in Toto Tissus in Toulouse and it’s actually a leftover from a Flora dress I might, one day, get photographed and blogged.
I can go on and on about the beauty of the petal collar, but I will mercy you and stop right here. I will add though that the instructions are very basic since it was and old pattern as I explained before, but all in all you can follow and actually sew something wearable, like I did. Ah, and it’s all French seamed, of course.
I have been wearing it at least twice per months, with or without jumpers on top, so it’s a wardrobe success.
I am deeply in love with silk, because it keeps me warm when is cold, and it’s also pleasantly breezy in spring time.
I have been wearing it over skirts and trousers, so I can confidently and happily repeat: wardrobe success!
Now I go assembling the shell to the lining of my first Kim dress, and maybe cut a second one. I am in a sewing rush, because of my imminent trip to Scotland, and for me every occasion is a chance to sew a dedicated outfit.

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