Flora-Zinnia skirt

Hello there!
Today the weather is grey and stormy in Toulouse, so it kind of looks like a good day to publish this outfit from almost one month ago, when I enjoyed one of the first days of spring. Sorry for the no-face pictures but I was having a bad-face day.
What it special is the skirt. You can recognize the distinctive features of Zinnia by Colette, with buttoned front and pockets. I had made it like a proper Zinnia one year ago, but got to wear it only once, basically because I didn’t like the gathered waistband look on me.
So I modified to be like a Flora by BHL. I’ve had occasion to sew the Flora dress a couple of times and happened to like how the skirt looked on me. So I unpicked the waistband of my Zinnia (oh the joy of unpicking a three-rows gathered waistband!) and converted the gathers in pleats.
I like this look better, even if now it rides up a bit, especially in the back, and pulls around the first button.
I truly don’t know how orthodox it is to make such a conversion, so please excuse me and shield your eyes, everyone. I just didn’t want to lose such a nice fabric (shoes!!!), and all the effort in the buttons and buttonholes.
Even though I like this skirt, still I find it difficult to wear it effortlessly, because it has extremely bad finishing, as you can see from the pictures of the poor button placket and pockets.

This modified skirt gave me the occasion to ponder about my sewing skills and decisions. One year ago I would buy patterns based on how great they looked on other bloggers. Today I am capable to isolate the design features I like, and try to implement them in my personal style. It has nothing to do with “flattering” (read this amazing article by Mary about the idea of flattering), but just with the possibility of wearing precisely what I want to.

Once again, sewing has given me the opportunity to have total control on my choices, in terms of style, look, pattern, details, fabric and all. I am far from sewing perfection now, and I am happy to have room to improve myself through sewing (and through imperfection eheh).

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