Fitted Ivy pinafore dress

I have already talked about my experience in testing the Ivy pinafore dress. I love the final result, but during testing I was puzzled by the tent shape. Jennifer Lauren Handmade is such an attentive designer, and she truly listens to testers’ comments, so she drafted a new more fitted version of the Ivy, and that’s what I am presenting today. I love that with the same pattern you can make two garments with radically different fit.


I think I prefer this fitted version, it feels more coherent to my wardrobe. I have decided to make it in suedine, becuase I had been stalking this fabric for many months and this felt like the perfect project to buy it and make good use of it. Both the camel and the blue suedine are from Toto Tissus in Toulouse.


The dress is lined with antistatic blue lining, which gives a comfortable and polished look to the insides. I have made a size 14 with no modifications.


The collar shape is very cute, and I gave it more relevance with fabric covered buttons. I had them made at Mercerie Fassi in Toulouse. For a little price you can add such a personal touch to a garment.


My version of the dress has a strong 1970s vibe to me, which is coincidentally à la mode nowadays. This made me realize that even in sewing one can follow the trends and make them more personal and truly unique.


To conlcude, I love this dress because of the pleasant testing experience I had with Jen, of the retro vintage looks, of the irresistible fabric, and of course because it makes me feel pretty and gets me compliments from Chéri every time I wear it!


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