Capri trousers

Happy new year everyone! I wish you a great and successful 2017.

This is the first project photographed in 2017. Pictures taken by Chéri at his place in Edinburgh. It is already ancient history since he has now moved a step closer to me, in the Paris area: a great way to start the new year.

Well, onto the trousers now. They are Capri trousers from the book Fashion with Fabric, of The Great British Sewing Bee.


It seems I can not stop making patterns from this book: all of them are quite clever and well drafted, I like the style and I am sure I will make more. These trousers are quite simple to make, with waistband facing, double rolled hem and side zipper.


Capri trousers are a great classic and I have been wearing them constantly. I like the odd length, typical of Capris, not very visible in these pictures because of the low light in Edinburgh in January. I use them at the office, since they are warm and comfortable, and of course put together.


Because of my recent (and ongoing) weight loss, I sincerely don’t now which size I ended up making for these trousers. I have started quite big and then decreased at centre front and centre back. Once I will stabilize I will be more precise with sizes.


Anyway, the resulting fit is quite to my taste, also thanks to the forgiving fabric: a textured poly with some elasthanne, from my local Toto Tissus in Toulouse. It does not press very well, as you can see from the side seams; this is the only minus of these Capris that I otherwise adore.


The fabric has a tweed imitation appearence, with some small checks green on green. I have tried to match them as much as possible, with quite good results, even throughout the lapped zipper. Lapped zippers are now my go-to zipper technique for trousers and classy garments, since they provide a little style touch, while being an interesting construction technique.


That’s it for my new Capri trousers, I will show soon all my other makes for the holiday season.

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