Viviane dress

This summer is weird here in Toulouse: cold mornings and evenings, hot lunch breaks… And the day after is pouring like in November.
How to deal with that? Summery Viviane: the perfect dress!

Sleeveless, fully lined to have minimum coverage with breeze, flowery with funny colours, not too warm and not too naked, loose fit, cute back opening to tie.
I got many compliments at work and I am sure I am going to wear it a lot!

It’s the first time I wear this silhouette, and I must say I see it flattering for me, definitely a win!

I had a lot of pleasure sewing it, it’s all French-seamed and I am pretty proud of my work. The fabric is a polyester lined with anti-static lining in acid green, love it!

I took away 5-6 cm from the side seams, and I did it only after trying it at the very end, so this is the only non pretty part of the inside: it seemed too boxy to me, now it’s still fluid and loose but more flattering.

All in all, extremely satisfied with the pattern and the style! Maybe a different version is coming for autumn?

Pattern: Viviane dress by République du chiffon, only PDF exists, €5.60
Fabric: polyester lined with anti-static lining, both from Toto Tissues, €15 (more or less, sorry I don’t remember)

‘Till the next time

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