Victoria blazer and Red Velvet clutch

Hello there!
Today I’m back to present the last of my summer makes, the last episode of “what was in my summer luggage” saga. Coincidentally, it is also what completes the wedding dress I presented here.
Heavy program today: we’ll talk about the jacket, the purse and the petticoat.

Let’s start with the jacket, shall we? It’s a Victoria blazer by By Hand London, variation B.
BHL is surely becoming my unofficial wedding outfit sponsor. They had a massive sale on their last paper patterns (sigh, sob), and I grabbed myself this lovely jacket.
I made it with a weird 3m. by 1 m. coupon found in the remnant bin at Toto tissus, for 3 €, score! I fell in love with the vivid colour and the floral patterns of the damask. After prewashing and ironing, I became pretty sure it was meant to be kitchen fabric, because what I thought were flowers embossed in the damask pattern are actually grapes and leaves. Well, I decided to go through with it anyway. I did right because in the end no one noticed.
I made the jacket with the specific intention to match the dress, so I made the cuffs and part of the collar with reinforced polyester from the dress. Anyway, I didn’t have enough to make a lining out of it, so I bought a matching poly sateen which works well.
I cut a size 12/16 with no adjustments, because the fit is quite forgiving so I judged no FBA was needed. In the end it is a lovely blazer to wear, even though my colour choices make it almost impossible to wear in every day life. Chéri said I look like Napoleon. Whatever, at least with this dress it will be fine.
Let’s move on to the purse. It is a Red velvet clutch by Cake patterns. I chose the smallest size which is also a free pattern. I had not much fabric left and I definitely don’t carry many things at weddings, so there was no point in making a bigger one. Also, I am unemployed, so a free pattern doesn’t hurt, you know.
The construction of this cutie is simple and amusing, very clever pattern indeed! I removed the wrist strap and added a longer strap made of the dress fabric. The lining is made with dress fabric, too.
I will probably make more of this for future weddings, because it looks cute and it feels nice to have a purse in assorted fabric. Ah, the joys of sewing, n’est pas?
Next up is the petticoat. I studied these two tutorials: one and two, and initially decided to make a 3-tier petticoat. Then I realized I had no time (nor patience) to sew a proper one, so basically I made a white cotton underskirt with a rigid ruffle at the bottom. A few metres of white bias to seal the hem and the seam and that’s it. It is not a proper petticoat, I know, but served perfectly to my scope. The difference with or without it under the skirt is huge, and I am happy with this simple make.
So that was a long post! I hope you enjoyed all the details of this outfit, as much as I enjoyed sewing and wearing it. I received a lot of compliments and it felt comfortable and cute. I especially like the pop of colour added by the blazer and the purse, which also bring to attention the blue details of the dress.

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