Black Bronte top

Hello there!
I’m here to present my submission for the Sewing Indie Month sewalong, in the category of “Everyday casual”. It is a Bronte top by Jennifer Lauren Vintage.

You have recognized the typical shoulder shape. I fell in love with the pattern because of this lovely neckline, but I must say I am even more head-over-heels now that I have made it and I can wear it in real life.
The Bronte top is comfortable and feminine, and makes a simple tshirt a cute wardrobe foundation. I decide to leave the neckline without any embellishments because I simply wanted to let it speak for itself and be more versatile. Also, I might be having a huge crush for black colour, so I feel pretty pleased with my new tshirt.
The fabric is a very drapey black lightweight knit, from a summer maxi dress I bought on the beach three years ago. The dress is now impossible to wear, due to a very worn out elastic at the neckline, so I had in mind to throw it away, not even donating it to charity. But I felt sorry to abandon such a meaningful dress: I used to wear it a lot during my first romantic getaway with Chéri in Florence. I must say I am very pleased to have transformed it in an everyday staple, so I can bring the memory with me all the time, and fill it with some new memories.

If you are familiar with the pattern, you know it is quite close fitting and hugs the body. That specific characteristic was a big no-go for me, because everything too close to my body is too revealing for my personal taste, so I made a few modifications.
I started with a size 14 and made a 3 cm. FBA, following this tutorial of the original sewalong. You know when you make an FBA you end up adding a lot to the waistline and you usually remove it. I removed only half of it, and thus obtained a tshirt wide at the waist but snug at the shoulders. Just the way I like it!

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