Simple Sew Kate dress

I made the Kate dress by Simple Sew one year ago already, but only recently got to take pictures of it. Let me tell you, it is a lovely dress!


It has a definite 70’s vibe, with the waist joke and the v-shaped neckline.


The Kate dress is great for showcasing crazy fabrics, as I did with this wild paisley jersey. I bought it at the market in Leiden for small price and great satisfaction. My fabric is quite light-weight while the pattern calls for a medium-weight, so the dress ended up being too big.


Furthermore, I lost some weight since the time I made it, so a few weeks ago I took in several centimeters at the side seams and at the sleeves. The dress is not almost perfect fitting for my taste.


Only at the back there is an excess of fabric at the waist, but I can live with that. I also omitted the waist ties, I went for a very simple style.


I am very happy I was able to adapt this dress to my new measurements and I am confident I will use it for quite a bit, given that is very comfortable, and especially very feminine at the neckline and at the bust, and quite flattering all over, thanks to good proportions in the legth and width of the skirt, and the perfect sleeve length.


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