Little girl skirt and headband

Hello there.
In the past weeks I have been sewing a lot for my holidays, and I’ll try and show you the finished garments in the next weeks.
Today it’s a little thing that is going into my luggage: presents for Chéri’s niece!
Viola is a lovely 3 year old girl, and unfortunately I get to see her no more than twice per year, since we live in two different countries. Every time I see her, she has grown up so fast! Tomorrow night I’m going to meet her and her family and I wanted to bring a little gift. At the beginning I was convinced I wanted to buy something for her, but when I saw this tutorial on Melly Sews, I knew it was the perfect gift for her.
It is a simple gathered skirt with pockets, and downstring at the waist. The tutorial is very clear and the pattern is quite cute: I could not resist and I knew I had the perfect fabric for it. It is a quite rigid cotton, subscription gift from Love Sewing Magazine. I had two fat quarters and they were enough for this cute little skirt. The name of the fabric is Swallow Song.
The pattern itself is super easy, but I took my time to give it a nice finishing which would be nice to look at, but also resistant to a little girl’s playful movements.
I took the occasion to use up some scraps in pink cotton to add a touch of fun contrast.
Chéri told me that Viola is recently obsessed with everything bandanas, so I also made her a little headband, following the tutorial on Happy Together.
The headband is reversible and made with the same fabric of the skirt, and the tutorial is easy to follow and illustrated.
As for the sizes, I don’t know Viola’s measurements, so I went for a size 4 for the skirt, imagining that this way she can wear it until next year. I hope it will fit, and I’m confident on that: there is an elastic sewn to the two downstrings, so the size is adjustable at the waist. As for the length, she will grow up into it.
For the headband, it comes in two sizes: adult and child, so this was an easy choice.
I think her mum will like the skirt and she will prefer the headband. I hope everyone will be happy with this little handmade gift.
As for me, it was my first time sewing for a kid, and I enjoyed every minute of it. It takes no time and in the end you have a rewarding amount of cuteness.


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