Kimono dress

Hello there!
Guess who’s back from holidays? My vacation is officially over and I have very mixed feelings about that: on one hand I really really really wanted to be back to my usual life; on the other hand, my usual life means looking for a job and leaving apart from my Chéri, so that sucks. Of course.

Anyway, I have quite a few sewing projects completed to be photographed and blogged, so this will slowly get me to my habits. I also have plenty of projects in my list and new fabrics to make good use of, but so far my apartment looks like a bomb has exploded in it, therefore I have no space for sewing.

This dress has been one of my favourites of all times. The pattern is the Kimono dress by Simple Sews for the issue 12 of Love Sewing magazine. I’ve made it in June, but officially photographed only today.
About the pictures, please excuse my constant frown. As I told before it’s been a tough couple of days back home and apparently I have lost my already shaggy confidence in front of the camera.
I have been wearing this dress all summer long, because I refused to pay extra 50€ for my luggage on top of a 208€ plane ticket, so I literally spent one month holidays with a handbag luggage. This also included a wedding outfit. More on that outfit in the next days.
Anyway, my summer uniform was based on four dresses, one short, one skirt and two tops. This kimono was the pièce de résistance.
Can you blame me? I felt stylish and comfortable in it, and the fact that you are dressed with a single fabric layer which flounces at the summer breeze, makes it an immediate staple.

The most remarkable features of this dress are of course the wrap and the kimono sleeves. It looks like if you don’t sew fluttery sleeves this summer you are out of the game, but in this dress I like that the kimono style is quite modest with respect to other famous kimonos around the blogosphere (I think of the SS15 collection of Named). The unmistakable sleeves are there, but it does not look as a chamber robe.

Especially not in this fabric, right? It is a present from Chéri and we bought it together in Remnant Kings in Edinburgh at the beginning of June. There was no description of the composition and it feels like viscose: it breaths well and drapes magnificently. I wish I could identify fabrics like that. But I can’t. Lots of room to improve there.
With the remnants from this project I made the vintage blouse you have already seen around here.

Now that I see the pictures I realize I should have levelled the hem before hemming, but now I don’t care: I have been wearing it like this all summer long, I am not going to be bothered right now. Also, I dedicated much of my time in doing a fake rolled hem all around, that I don’t feel like destroying it.
The dress has a very simple construction, with three main pieces and an obi belt. If I have to do it again I would go for one size smaller but the same length. Also, I don’t think I am going to sew another one of these. Don’t get me wrong, this pattern is adorable and I don’t need repeat how much I am loving wearing this dress, but I am the kind of girl who only needs one kimono in her wardrobe. Maybe it could become a wowing bridal shower present if made in a sexy silk and lace combination. So far none of my best friends are going to get married, so no need to plan another kimono any time soon. Also, none of them reads this blog so no spoilers, eheh.
I leave you with a couple more pictures of the dress in action during holidays. This one is taken in Pietrapertosa, in the south of Italy. You can see I can actually smile sometimes.
This one is taken in Bologna, on top of the Torre degli Asinelli. I had just climbed the tower (97 meters tall) and was super tired. Still, I smiled.
Well, that’s all with this dress, I love it love it love it. After wearing it all summer long I thought I didn’t want to see it again, but today I instinctively reached for it to go grocery shopping and then eating cake with a friend. I felt like a princess in both cases.
See you soon with a few other summer makes and hopefully some autumn ones! Ciao!

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