Burda 22691

Hello there.
Today I am showing a vintage dress. When I signed up for the Vintage Pattern Pledge in March, I intended to sew two of my vintage patterns, and use one of my grandma’s vintage fabrics. Too bad I did not remember that I already had two vintage makes which needed modifications. So now I am adding these two modifications to my challenge.
One of them is the Sophie French Jacket I used in a theatre play but still needs to be lined to be wearable every day, and the other one is the Burda 22691 dress, version A.

I bought this pattern when my parents came to see me in Toulouse one year ago and we went to the fleamarket. I started the dress soon enough, but discovered that the shoulder strap pattern was missing. At the time my fitting skills were less than zero, so I cut very long straps and started wearing the dress, only to discover that the size was wrong, with too much room in the bust area. So, never used it again.

Today I am presenting you the adjusted version of it. You can clearly see that the fit is far from perfect but at least now I can wear it.
What I did has been to shorten the shoulder straps. This changes the supposed fit from the original pattern, but surely I didn’t want to unpick dress and lining and try to save it in another way. So I am ok with that. I take it as a wearable muslin and carry on.
This great fabric also comes from the same fleamarket. It is a lovely cotton, slightly rigid, which goes well with this particular pattern. I also tried to match the print across the 7 (!) panels which compose the pattern, and I am happy with the result. Also, that exposed zipper kills me every single time I see it, but one year ago that was the best I could do.
I am totally in love with the shape of this dress, so unusual for my style. I think I will try and sew more like that, maybe from a pattern which has all the pieces, and maybe experimenting a more drapey fabric.
I’ve searched all over the internet to date this pattern, but could not find any resources. I am guessing late 1960s, but that is only a humble guess. If you know more, please let me know.


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